Winners Wall

Winners Wall

Bareback Riding

Bobby Mote First Place 87.0 Points
Casey Breuer Second Place 85.0 Points
Casey Colletti Third Place 84.0 Points

Jake Vold First Place 94.0 Points
JR Vezain Second Place 90.5 Points
Jessy Davis Third Place No Score

Steer Wrestling

Kyle Irwin First Place 3.76 Seconds
Bray Armes Second Place 5.13 Seconds
Clayton Moore Third Place No Time

Tyler Pearson First Place 4.10 Seconds
Billy Bugenig Second Place 4.11 Seconds
Stockton Graves Third Place No Time

Team Roping

Dustin Egusquiza / Clark Adcock First Place 4.40 Seconds
Joe Beaver / McCoy Profili Second Place 13.88 Seconds
Derrick Begay / Clay O'Brien Cooper Third Place No Time

Joel Bach / Tyler McKnight First Place 3.93 Seconds
Tee Woolman / Boogie Ray Second Place 4.84 Seconds
Travis Tryan / Dakota K. Third Place No Time

Saddle Bronc Riding

Cort Scheer First Place 90.0 Points
Wade Sundell Second Place 88.0 Points
Chad Ferley Third Place No Score

Cole Elshere First Place 90.0 Points
Allen Boore Second Place 88.0 Points
Chad Ferley Third Place No Score

Tie-Down Roping

Fred Whitfield First Place 7.64 Seconds
Monty Lewis Second Place 17.64 Seconds
Clint Robinson Third Place No Time

Michael Otero First Place 7.00 Seconds
JC Malone Second Place 8.05 Seconds
Fred Whitfield Third Place 9.00 Seconds

Barrel Racing

Jana Griemsman First Place 14.76 Seconds
Shali Lord Second Place 14.93 Seconds
Christine Laughlin Third Place 15.00 Seconds

Carmel Wright First Place 15.26 Seconds
Kimmie Wall Second Place 15.45 Seconds
Trula Churchill Third Place 20.43 Seconds

Bull Riding

Brett Stall First Place 14.76 Seconds
Josh Frost Second Place (tie) No Score
Bayle Worden Second Place (tie) No Score

Jacob O'Mara First Place 87.0 Points
Jeff Askey Second Place (tie) No Score
Trevor Kastner Second Place (tie) No Score
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